Topics and speakers
Opening Keynote
Leroy Hood

Genetic profiling of patients, prediction of risk and therapy response
Bruce Ponder
Paul Pharoah

Molecular profiling of tumors and metastases
Elaine Mardis
Zoltan Szallasi
Carlos Caldas
Peter van Loo
Charles M. Perou

Tumor-host microenvironment interaction and metabolism
Arnold Levine
Larry Norton
Mina Bissell
Morak Park

Targeted therapy
Gordon Mills
Rene Bernards
Joe Gray
Alberto Bardelli
Soldano Ferrone

Christof von Kalle
Laura van't Veer
Per Eystein Lønning
Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale

Impact of social and ethical issues on personalized medicine
Eva Winkler

What have we achieved since 2012 in risk prediction, early diagnosis, progression, and therapy?

This Symposium is part of an annual series that Prof. Enrico Mihich has been organizing in collaboration with Hans-Peter Huber and Kurt S. Zänker at the Fritz Bender Foundation, Munich, Germany and a host institution.

In 2012 this symposium took place in Oslo, Norway with the Institute for Cancer Research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital Oslo University Hospital and the Radium Hospital Foundation as hosts. It was decided at that meeting that a second symposium with the same program and speakers should take place 3-4 years later with the focus on what have we achieved since 2012. Hence the follow-up meeting will take place in Oslo in May 2016.

Printable program at a glance (PDF).
April 1st: Registration
March 14th: Abstracts.

The symposium is held at Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel, in Oslo.

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